Legal Steroids Supplements Facts Regarding Drug Testing and Legal Status.

  1. Muscle Labs USA products are legal to purchase, possess, use, and ship within the United States.
  2. With 100% certainty assured that any Muscle Labs USA product are compliant. While not causing you to test positive for any banned or controlled substances on any drug test screening. Furthermore ingredients are not illegal, and they do not require a prescription to obtain.
  3. Muscle Labs USA Anabolic Supplements & Fat Burners are 100% Legal under every local, state and federal law. 
  4. Because Muscle Labs USA Anabolic Supplements & Fat Burners CAN BE confidently used by military and law enforcement personnel.
  5. All Muscle Labs USA products are free of controlled substances and are completely safe for use in professional and competing sports.
  6. Muscle Labs USA products  WILL NOT show up on any drug test that screens for androgenic steroids.
  7. Legal steroids DO NOT contain any banned prescriptions or illegal ingredients.
  8. While legal steroids DO NOT require a prescription within the United States.


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